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Clan Little Society, Inc.

Tartan Details - Little of Morton Rigg

The information held within The Scottish Register of Tartans for the "Little of Morton Rigg" tartan is shown below.

STA ref:
STWR ref:
Little, Dr J.C.
Tartan date:
Registration date:
Not Specified
Registration notes: Design incorporates traditional black and white livery colours of the Border Littles, and the Wallace tartan with red (maroon). Edward Litill 1296 was a nephew of Wallace and fought alongside him. A tartan solely for members of Clan Little Society (Scotland and Worldwide), or by written permission from the Dr J.C. Little of Morton Rig, the designer (1991). This is not a clan but a family Association Tartan.
Information notes:
To view woven sample, please request NAS6/O6/Oversize.
Woven Sample:
A woven sample of this tartan has been received by the Scottish Register of Tartans for permanent preservation in the National Records of Scotland.