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Clan Little Society, Inc.

Our Tartan... Little of Morton Rigg

Tartan and kilts have become part of the national identity of Scotland. In this spirit, our founder, Dr. Johnnie, designed and patented a Tartan for the Clan Little Society's use. It was approved, patented, and registered. A description has been recorded and follows here:

Little of Morton Rigg Tartan image
"A distinctive tartan has been designed (Bk4/W8/Bk8/R16/Bk4/R16/Bk16/Y1), approved by the Founder Members, and woven. It is basically a modification of the Wallace tartan with the brick red component reduced in tone and modified in hue to "wine" (syn, claret or maroon). The choice of the Wallace tartan harks back to Edward Little's time at the end of the 13th Century. The other component of the tartan is the very old traditional Border shepherd's black and white check, coincidentally the Little livery colours."

He specifically offered this new tartan for the Clan Little Society's exclusive use and asked that it not be commercially produced and sold. We still honor Dr. Johnnie's request thirty years later by making the Clan Little tartan available at cost exclusively to Society members. That is why you must get it from our source, through the Clan Little Society store -- a unique benefit reserved only for our members!

The official register listing is listed here: "Little of Morton Rigg"